***This text was written and published before the dissolution of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP), by the founders of the Communist Vanguard of Canada who now work within it.
Naxalite women pointing rifles

"In the history of humanity, no great movement of the oppressed has been accomplished without the participation of women workers. The latter, the most oppressed among the oppressed, could not and never stood aside from the great path of the liberation movement. It is not surprising that millions of women workers are attracted under the banners of the revolutionary movement of the working class, the most powerful of all the mass movements of the oppressed. ...] International Women's Day must become a means of transforming the workers and peasants of a working class reserve into an active army of the proletarian liberation movement. Long live International Women's Day! " (Joseph Stalin, 1925)

The Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP) is calling for a march in the streets of downtown Montreal on the evening of March 8, 2019, to mark International Working Women's Day politically. This year, we are again organizing a class struggle demonstration putting the women of the proletariat at the forefront, a demonstration to advance the fight against the Canadian imperialist bourgeoisie and its exploitation regime. The rally is scheduled for 6:30 pm at Cabot Square, next to the Atwater metro station. We call on women workers, immigrant workers, progressive students and activists against capitalism who wish to fight to end this unjust world to take part now in the mobilization and preparations for this event. We aim to organize a strong contingent of proletarian women and supporters of the revolution to provide practical leadership for the demonstration. Throughout the month of February, we will make an effort of agitation and propaganda aimed specifically at women of the proletariat and the working class, targeting in particular the production sectors and workplaces where women constitute the majority of the workforce. Our objective will be to reach as many women workers as possible and to lead them into revolutionary action, i.e. to come to protest on March 8, but also to participate in the assault on the bourgeoisie's financial centre on May 1st, International Workers' Day. Comrades, we need your participation to accomplish this task; join the fight!

All over the world, exploited women stand up and fight. Wherever the oppressed masses rise up, women workers - workers, proletarians and peasants - take an active part in the movement and play a leading role. This is not surprising: for thousands of years, they have had to endure all kinds of persecution and social humiliation. Even today, in large parts of the world, especially in imperialist-dominated semi-feudal countries, they are still deprived of the most basic rights and suffer the most black oppression.

In imperialist countries, where the development of capitalism has for some time destroyed the old patriarchal social structure, women have obtained - at the cost of many struggles - the same rights as men and are now socially considered as their equals. However, even in these societies, where their situation is much more enviable than in the dominated countries, there are still vestiges of old patriarchal relations - vestiges that manifest themselves in the form of sexism, discrimination, violence against women, sexual exploitation of women in prostitution and the sex "industry", among others. In Canada, we cannot ignore the plight of indigenous women, who, by the thousands, are victims of the worst abuses - murder, kidnapping, rape - with the direct and indirect complicity of the imperialist reactionary state. But above all, even if gender equality is being achieved in these countries, women workers - who make up the majority of women - remain exploited, with owners and feudal lords having given way to capitalists and serfdom having given way to wage slavery.

In the dominated countries, women workers are fighting not only for the eradication of patriarchy and for democratic rights, but also and above all for the emancipation of the working classes as a whole. They join massively the revolutionary movements that are emerging and developing against imperialism and the domination of the exploiting classes. In recent decades, women have participated heroically in Maoist-led people's wars in the Philippines, Peru, Nepal and India. In each case, their involvement has become an essential component of these proletarian and peasant uprisings.

To give some examples illustrating the importance of women's participation in these revolutionary struggles, it was estimated in 2010 that 40% of the cadres of the CPI (Maoist) - the party leading the people's war currently taking place in India - were women. They have held and continue to hold various positions - including important leadership positions - in the party, the guerrilla army and revolutionary mass organizations. In a country still marked by highly retrograde practices and where women are regularly subjected to the worst vexations, this is a remarkable fact. In wars waged by the people, women fight alongside men with guns in their hands. In April 2017, after an armed Maoist attack in Chhattisgarh State against Indian police forces and the elimination of 26 police officers, it was reported that 70% of the attackers were women. The massive involvement of women in the revolutionary armed forces during the people's war in Nepal in the early 2000s was equally spectacular. In 2004, women made up one third of the members of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) established and led by the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). In some cases, they held managerial positions such as company and section commanders, deputy battalion commanders and political commissioners. This involvement of women in the armed struggle, in addition to playing an emancipatory role for them by removing them from the domestic sphere in which they were confined, contributes to giving revolutionary military organizations an authentic popular character. As the Nepalese revolutionary Parvati, then a member of CPN (Maoist) Central Committee, stated at the time: "Women's participation in the PLA was not only beneficial to themselves, but also had the effect of significantly enhancing the mass character of the army. Under their leadership, the APL has become much more diversified and multi-functional. Women have turned it into a real people's army, in the full sense of the word. ยป

In the imperialist countries, women of the people have for some time been uprooted from domestic slavery and incorporated into production, into wage labour, alongside men. They joined the army of the proletarians exploited by the Capital. Thus, women workers are not only demanding complete gender equality, but above all, like their male counterparts, the abolition of classes and capitalism. They have joined the ranks of the workers movement and are fighting alongside their class brothers against the bourgeoisie, under the banner of communism, to seize the means of production and put them back into the hands of the people. They aspire to a new society, organized according to the needs of the masses and in which the misery, suffering and devastation caused by capitalism will have disappeared.

By preventing the development of productive forces in dominated countries and supporting the most reactionary social forces to gain control over resources and labour, imperialism keeps a considerable proportion of the world's women under patriarchal control, in addition to relegating the overwhelming majority of them to the position of exploited women. To fight for the overthrow of the Canadian bourgeois state and its replacement by a socialist state serving the interests of the people is therefore to participate in the liberation of all oppressed women in the world. For us, it is imperative to act in solidarity with our sisters who are disenfranchised and persecuted elsewhere on the planet, as well as with all proletarian workers and women who are fighting for their vital demands and for the fundamental interests of the working class.

Women workers, join the international movement against capitalism and imperialism! Come and demonstrate on March 8 for the emancipation of the popular masses and the liberation of oppressed women all over the world! Let us fight for socialism and our demands as proletarian women!