***This text was written and published before the dissolution of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP), by the founders of the Communist Vanguard of Canada who now work within it.
Mountains of Afghanistan

While the war of aggression launched in 2001 by the United States and NATO against Afghanistan recently ended with the evacuation of their armed forces and the collapsing of their puppet regime, the 5th Congress of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Canada hails the courage and the tenacity of the Afghan masses during those 20 years of occupation of their country by the Western imperialist armies.

Since the beginning, our Party has condemned the unjust war waged by the US imperialists and their allies against the Afghan people. We especially opposed the notorious involvement of Canadian imperialism and their Armed Forces in the occupation and devastation of Afghanistan. Starting from now, we will fight without respite for the monstrous crimes committed by the Canadian bourgeoisie and their soldiers not to stay unpunished.

Today, Western bourgeois politicians and media claims to be moved by the crisis that rages in Afghanistan since the evacuation of the US armed forces. They inveigh against the collapsing of the compradore and corrupted regime that was set in place by imperialism and financed with billions of dollars by the USA since 20 years. But contrary to what they lead us to believe, chaos in Afghanistan is not new: in fact, the imperialists are the ones that created it for decades. USA and NATO are the ones that spread chaos in the 20 last years in Afghanistan by deploying their soldiers and bombarding the population. Contrary to bourgeois media and politicians, we are delighted of the rout of the United States and their allies. Their defeat shows once more that the imperialists are nothing else than paper tigers and that the inevitable fate of any bourgeois occupying forces is to be drive out from the countries they vainly want to submit!

Unfortunately, despite the long awaited end of the occupation, the Afghan masses have not been freed yet and they are not at the end of their troubles. With the coming back in power of the Taliban, the Afghan people will be submitted to a new reactionary regime that will serve the feudal and bourgeois-comprador class. The imperialist domination of the country will continue—be it from US, Russian or Chinese imperialists. But the anti-people character of the new theocratic regime from the Taliban will inevitably conduct the masses and progressive forces in the country to fight. The proletariat from the whole world must be fully confident in the capacity of the Afghan masses and their Communist Party to find the way that will lead them to their genuine liberation.

The imperialist armies can never win!

Long live the Afghan people and its struggle for liberation!

Fight for the world proletarian revolution!